administrative asisitan

(Miami, FL)
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Job Description:

To lead the financial, tax, and estate planning division; Conduct financial analysis to determine the impact and repercussions for corporations in the process of transferring their operations from foreign countries to the U.S. market, and individuals seeking relocation to the U.S.; Conduct and supervise the implementation of clients financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement; Evaluates optional plans by identifying outcomes and potential returns to promote effectiveness and increase clients KPIs.; Advise financial changes to optimize the client’s transfer process of economic and business activity and ensure compliance with U.S. financial policies; Evaluate performance to identify areas for improvement and implement remediation plans accordingly; Design and implement financial strategies; Create, define and direct the execution of strategies for the adaptation of products to the U.S. market; Collaborate closely with other divisions and areas of development of the company, to promote the roadmap of our service portfolio and introduce new products according to market demand.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in both Finance and Accounting with high knowledge in the following technical areas: Fixed income markets analysis, International Finance, Financial Management, Investment and Security Markets, Trading, Accounting, Financial Transactions, Taxation, Auditing. Proficient with Front-end loading, PDRI, SAP, QuickBooks, Bloomberg Terminal, LOB scorecard, and US GAAP.