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Business Strategy and Planning

Recent economic conditions have demonstrated the importance of flexible business plans. A company’s business strategy must adapt to sometimes rapid changes in the marketplace, including mergers and acquisitions, competition (nationally and internationally), and company valuation.

In planning new strategies for a business, it is essential to define its current (implicit or explicit) strategies for the business as a whole and its main functional areas – finance, marketing, sales, management, operations, etc.
Bringabout helps you to generate strategic statements. Strategic statements can be defined as broad indicators of the direction(s) in which a business should be driven in order to fulfill its vision/mission while taking realistic account of its resources, constraints and opportunities.

We also help our clients define business challenges and obstacles and formulate a strategy for overcoming these challenges. We assist with:

  • Identifying risk
  • Understanding customer segmentation
  • Evaluating competition

Our proven strategy teams have enabled our clients to increase revenue growth, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. We help our clients achieve results in the following strategic areas:

  • Growth
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business models

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Federal Tax Services/International Tax Services/Structuring Services

We work with the full spectrum of tax issues for business and individuals. Whether with local, state, federal, or international laws and regulations, our forward-looking consultants can help ease the burden while finding opportunities that provide a competitive edge.

Tax Solutions
We realize that numbers without meaning are useless. We are committed to helping you succeed by providing a better understanding of the numbers related to your personal or business finances, including financial statements, trend analysis, and changing tax laws that may affect you in your unique situation. We work with the full spectrum of tax issues for business and individuals. Whether with local, state, federal, or international laws and regulations, our forward-looking consultants can help ease the burden while finding opportunities that provide a competitive edge. We have incorporated our tax and accounting expertise with the ability to act as an integral part of your business management team. We also assist by providing you with the most up-to-date information related to choice of entity and tax benefits and other benefits based on business type.

Federal Tax Services
Bringabout offers a full array of Federal Income Tax Services with an unrivaled experience managing information technology infrastructures that enable our customers to comply with increasingly complex tax provisions. Our experienced, multi-disciplined team of tax professionals provides services in the areas of federal tax planning, analysis, and compliance. We have provided assistance to our clients at every stage of the Internal Revenue Service audit and appeals process. Our services include:

IRS Representation
Bringabout’s tax professionals have extensive experience in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at all stages in the process, from pre-audit through appeals. Our experts have dealt with audit issues ranging from individual returns and estate and gift tax valuation disputes to cross-border transfer pricing and other audit issues of large corporations. We take a proactive approach to managing the audit process and have a proven track record of favorably closing audits and negotiating collection matters. We provide efficient solutions to the time-consuming problems of data gathering and documentation in support of the in-house resources of corporate tax departments for large companies under audit.

Strategic Tax Planning
In today´s competitive environment, having an accurate and comprehensive tax plan is especially important. A critical question is: How to integrate tax effects into business decisions? Strategic tax planning helps business decision makers use their knowledge of the company and the industry to better balance the costs and benefits of tax planning ideas.

You must take into account the fact that the least costly and most effective tax planning is done while a business idea is being developed.

That is why Bringabout offers Strategic Tax Planning services to companies with needs ranging from structuring start-up businesses to provide optimal tax efficiency, to guiding companies and their owners through the ultimate sale of a business, to providing proactive value-added tax and business advice.

With our help, business decision makers identify (and balance the costs and benefits of) tax savings ideas early on and throughout the development of a project, thus making the implementation of the ideas less intrusive and more effective.

Our services in this area include:
Choice of Entity and Structuring. We offer entity structuring design and implementation support for start-up ventures, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, reorganizations, and joint ventures.
Family Business Planning. Our complete analysis includes a full review of the business, trust, and personal structuring of the family business and related assets. The analysis includes succession and exit strategy planning, liquidity planning, estate and gift tax planning, as well as asset protection and pre-and post-nuptial planning strategies.Tax Accounting Methods Consulting. Bringabout’s analysis of alternative tax accounting methods help to identify tax advantaged methods for revenue and expense recognition, including tax favorable LIFO inventory methods and implementation of accounting method changes.
Stock Basis and E&P Calculations. We offer corporate subsidiary stock basis and Earnings and Profits (E&P) calculations and related planning.
Ownership Change Analysis and Planning. We offer analysis of ownership changes pursuant to IRC Section 382 and related planning.
Troubled Company Consulting. Our consultants offer troubled company assistance including cancellation of indebtedness and other tax issues for companies in insolvency and bankruptcy.
Cost Segregation Studies. We review and classify components of significant capital projects to maximize related tax depreciation deductions.
Deduction for Domestic Production Activities Analysis. Bringabout offers clients help with identifying qualification for and calculation of the optimal tax deduction for domestic manufacturing activities pursuant to the provision in The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.
Corporate Financing. Our tax solutions include analysis and structuring of corporate financing transactions and debt work-out situations.
Tax Sharing Agreements. We help clients draft and review tax sharing agreements for consolidated groups

Tax Compliance
We strive to obtain then maintain the lowest possible tax liability for our customers thereby minimizing their internal costs and maximizing their profit. We are committed to providing solutions to federal, state, and local tax issues that will maximize their tax savings, increase their annual income, and contribute to their profitability year after year.
Bringabout consultants are experienced in all aspects of federal, state, and local tax compliance. Given the complexity and flux of our tax laws, we have compliance experts in specific functional areas including consolidated groups of corporations, real estate and private equity partnerships, S corporations, and individual and trust compliance. Our functional specialists are aware of those provisions impacting our clients and provide proactive advice to comply with all reporting and filing requirements. Our professionals can help with the preparation of all returns, including state and local, franchise, property, excise, sales and use and business privilege returns, as well as state unclaimed property reports. Additionally, many clients turn to us for project assistance and support for in-house tax departments, as well as long-term and short-term outsourcing and co-sourcing of federal, state, and local tax compliance.

Transaction Advisory Services
Our aim is to help our customer maximize value and minimize risk during the acquisition process. We offer comprehensive due diligence advice and support in evaluating the risk/return considerations of the deal. To undertake such a task, Bringabout has the resources and in-depth experience to respond to the specific business needs of organizations competing in today’s global marketplace. Our seasoned Transaction experts have represented clients of all sizes in buying and selling businesses. In conjunction with Bringabout’s teams of Accounting and Compensation and Benefits specialists, we provide all aspects of financial and tax due diligence services to clients looking to buy a company to minimize tax exposures and identify opportunities for tax savings. We can also provide valuable advice related to structuring the deal in order to maximize prospective tax deductions and structuring business operations to provide optimal tax efficiency after the acquisition.

For corporations looking to buy or sell a business, our services include:

  • Tax due diligence including federal, state, and local
  • Transaction structuring and review
  • Economic model review
  • Doc review: Offering documents, letters of intent, acquisition agreements, credit agreements, and closing documents
  • Repatriation planning and analysis
  • Acquisition structure and exit strategies
  • Pre- and post- merger integration planning
  • Transaction reporting
  • Basis and E&P calculations
  • Ownership change analysis and planning under Section 382
  • FIRPTA analysis
  • Transaction cost analysis

International Tax Services
We understand that addressing international business opportunities also means addressing complicated international tax compliance challenges. Our international tax professionals can assist clients with the intricate strategies that will not only help them to observe the letter of the law but maximize their bottom line and tax savings.

Bringabout has the resources and in-depth experience to respond to the specific international tax consulting needs of businesses competing in today’s global marketplace. A company’s multi-national structure, including controlled foreign corporations, alliances, and formal joint ventures with foreign companies, raises numerous opportunities for significant project and transaction planning. Such structures may also cause significant problems related to the day-to-day tax issues erected by internal operations. Bringabout’s network of international professionals provide access to tax advisors, both domestic and international, who will provide proactive solutions to international opportunities and ongoing international service requirements. Our services include:

  • Repatriation planning and analysis
  • Transfer pricing analysis, documentation, and support
  • Formation and exit strategies
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Cross-border financing evaluation
  • Strategic Wealth Services

Corporate executives are rewarded for their hard work and enormous responsibilities with compensation packages that extend beyond their salaries. In response to their special needs, Bringabout has designed a comprehensive Wealth Management Service (WMS) program for companies, executives, and high net worth individuals.

Our Wealth Management service offers a comprehensive range of personalized advisory services, wealth building strategies and strategic investment opportunities.

We take a holistic view of your overall circumstances and future goals to identify your unique needs and aspirations. Our strategic Wealth Management Service can help you build and accelerate your wealth with a broad range of tailored solutions and strategic advisory options. We also provide a regular review and appraisal of your financial strategies to keep your wealth accumulation and goal accomplishment on track.

Our tax services are structured for efficiency and accuracy. The hallmarks of our tax practice are client-focused service and strong client relationships.

From the disposition of family heirlooms to the sheltering of your assets to the planning for reducing or eliminating your estate tax liability, Bringabout consultants, using effective investment strategies, will design a plan to provide for nearly every eventuality you can contemplate.

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Business Valuation

Understanding the current value of a corporation is an important factor in nearly every financial decision, especially in this era of active mergers and acquisitions. When looking at the overall value of a business, there is a number of different valuation methods which are commonly used – from using earnings multiples, to calculating how much it would cost to create a similar business.

How much is it worth? Will your professional or expert´s opinion stand up? The answer to these questions is fundamental in all possible scenarios.

How much your business is worth depends on many factors, from the current state of the economy through your business’s balance sheet.

In general, evaluating a company’s value is complicated and can be dependent on many real-time factors. Recently, company values have varied wildly over a few months or even weeks.

Our services include:

  • Transaction support
  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Certifications

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Market Analysis

Our professionals can help organizations grow by participating in significant initiatives and priorities, helping develop new programs, policies and systems, and providing solutions to business and financial issues. Our experts are available to assist businesses with the multifaceted areas of expanding a business operation.

With members throughout the Americas and Europe, Bringabout has a global understanding of the intricacies that can arise with operating a business.

  • Business Integration
  • Corporate Finances
  • Familiar Business Organizations
  • Independent Expert Opinions
  • Market Analysis
  • Performance Improvement
  • Service Quality Assessments

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Strategic Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation provides a framework that helps you know where and when to use valuable resources. By translating strategy into executable action plans it also helps your human resources to communicate more effectively, sharing their thoughts and stimulating new ideas, and enhancing understanding.

We will work with you, acting as your most trusted advisors and collaborators and continuing to evaluate and modify your business plans as conditions change.

Business strategy is never “complete”; a good strategy allows flexibility to adapt to change. Recent economic conditions have demonstrated the importance of maintaining a flexible strategy. Few could have predicted the significant changes in the banking and real estate industries that have occurred in the last two years. Despite this turmoil, Bringabout has a strong presence in these industries. Our teams will prove successful in evolving your business strategies and enabling them to achieve the results of continued growth and cost containment.

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Tax Due Diligence

Our strength lies in our tax professionals who keep up-to-date on the latest tax developments. We keep abreast of the ever changing, and complex tax legislations, review the implications for your business, and update you on changes required to maintain the optimum and most effective tax strategy for you.

  1. Multi-jurisdictional Tax Planning
  2. Deal Structuring
  3. Cross Border Issues
  4. Rate Minimization
  5. Tax Due Diligence
  6. Transfer Pricing
  7. Value Added Tax
  8. Estate Trust Advisory Service

Due Diligence

Due diligence (DD) help our clients make good investment decisions. DD encompasses any procedure or steps taken at a client’s request to provide assurance or comment regarding assertions made by third parties in financial statements, prospectuses or other offering documents. DD may be carried out in the case of prospective business acquisitions, financing proposals, valuations, or in loss-and-damage claims on behalf of insurance adjusters.
The main objectives of DD assignment are:

  • To give the client insight into the operations of a business;
  • To provide information;
  • To help the client assess the risks of a transaction and therefore whether to proceed with the transaction;
  • To help the client assess the value at which a transaction should be undertaken;
  • To help the client determine the warranties and indemnities that should be obtained from the vendor;

The end result of a due diligence assignment is a report tailored to the client’s requirements.

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